Best Online Casino Games In India

You may wonder where you can play in India since there are thoughts that you cannot gamble online in the country at all. It is a complete lie, and we are going to change your mind about it. The point is that there are loads of reliable and safe casinos in India, which can offer you different games to try. These establishments are licensed and approved all over the world, so you are not risking using them. They accept whichever currency with low limits, so you will have no problem with this issue. 
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India’s Top Online Casino Games

You know that it is not a new one at all, even though there are some differences from the classic casino game online. Nowadays software providers can offer all the customers a great array of entertainment, so you will find what to choose. Therefore, you will see such a diversity of them as table, mobile, and even live dealer games, which are available at any time. Moreover, all of them have the same quality and graphics, so you do not need to sacrifice them. As for these offers in India, you can find such arrays even there. Of course, there are some certain pros and cons of gambling there, but you will not regret it for sure. 

Online Casino Games to Play in India 

Online casino gambling in India is gradually growing and improving, so nowadays you will see a great number of different high-quality games, which are available for both new and experienced players. All of them have adorable graphics, a convenient interface, and enjoyable gameplay to engross you to stay in it as long as it is possible. If you worry that you do not know anything about the features of these facilities, here we are to describe everything you need to know. Therefore, we are about to start learning about such games as:

  • Slots;
  • Andar Bahar;
  • Teen Patti;
  • Blackjack;
  • Video Poker;
  • Baccarat;
  • Craps;
  • Roulette.


In general, slots are the most popular and common online game on the entire gambling market. The main goal of them is to spin the wheel and match the same symbols, which will lead you to win. There are such types of them as 3D, classic, progressive, video, and others. It is the easiest and most enjoyable way to earn some extra funds. 

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is an entirely Indian card game, where your winning depends on mere luck. In a few words, the live dealer put cards face up for the player, which has to bet on two offers. The first is inside (Andar) and the second is outside (Bahar). Then a person deals with these piles until you see the initial card. Thus, that pile is the winning one. 

Teen Patti 

Teen Patti is also a card game, in which you need only three of them to gamble and win. In recent times, this entertainment has become extremely popular among Indian players. It uses the rules of the usual video poker, but with some changes, so it is easier to understand them. In addition to gameplay, you get fine titles and interfaces. 


Blackjack is a card game, which is played with one or sometimes more desks. The main rule is not to exceed the hand value of 21 but higher than the dealer has. That is that the second name of it is 21. In Indian casino sites, you will meet different types such as European, French, American, etc. Though there are some features of Blackjack, the gameplay is still rather easy. 

Video Poker

Video Poker is an online game, which is based on five-card gambling. In general, once you deposit some requested money, you are given five cards, which you can discard one to change on another one from the same deck. After it, your hand has to have some of the winning combinations, which you will see on poker websites. 


Baccarat is a game with cards, which is played with player’s and banker’s hands. Each try of game has three finals, such as a player has a higher score, a banker, or a tie. However, there are more rules, so you should read them all to know all the pitfalls. 


Craps is one of the dice games, where a gambler has to bet on several spots. Players can wager against the bank or even against the other players they are gambling with. Even though every casino can set its rules, in general, gamblers have to bet on different combinations they think are the best. 


Roulette is a game, whose name means a little wheel. Therefore, the main rule is that a player can bet on a pair of numbers, colors, and combinations of them, despite the fact that these numbers are single, high or low, or even odd. Payouts of the bets depend on their possibility. 

Most Popular Live Dealer Games

Software providers in the modern entertainment market can offer numerous games and their types to allow you to make your choice. Even more, you have a wide array of different devices, on which you can gamble without sacrificing any quality or diversity. Except for many usual games played in casino online, you are offered to try the same type but in a mobile version. Thus, you can gamble them on iOS or Android. However, nowadays technologies are moving forward with incredible speed, so you can select even live dealer games to play. The main difference is that you are proceeding with everything in real-time with other real customers, while a dealer does all the needed preparations. The biggest advantage of this type is an opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the land-based casino and keep in touch while gambling. In any case, do you know which ones are the best to try in this version? Therefore, let’s figure it out. The best and most common ones are Roulette and all types of it. As you know, this is on top of the best game overall, so you can test it even in real-time. After these, you will see poker, which is well known around the world. However, you will also see such games as:

  • Blackjack; 
  • Baccarat; 
  • Different Wheel, and Dice Games. 

Since they are from the leading software providers, you will play in great conditions with a convenient interface. 

Top Game Providers at Indian

As you know, it is extremely important to play only in a reliable and safe casino online game if you want to avoid all kinds of accidents. However, it may become a problem to find such one since there are loads of different software providers in the modern gaming world. Thus, you have to look through all of them to detect and select the best. However, we can say that you can give this constant searching the high-quality operator. Since casino games online are not rather new on the market, it is obvious that there are many lists of the best providers of them. Even though they are somewhat different, you will see that some names repeat from one selection to another. Thus, here you will read the main characteristics of these operators and find our array of the best in India. The first things you should look at are their reliability and trustworthiness. It is also important to pay attention to the number of games and their quality. As we figure out the criteria of choosing, it is time to provide a list of the best operators in India. On top of this rating you will see such variants:

  • HyperLink; 
  • InfoSystem; 
  • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS);
  • HCL Technologies. 

Their offices are located even in Australia and the USA, so you can use them fearlessly. In addition to these, you will see Infosys, Wipro, Mphasis, Accenture, etc. Although they are not so popular, they are still accepted all over the world, which can convince you to give them a try. 

Choosing Your Favourite Game

In the modern entertainment market, there are loads of different games, which are extremely good or rather lousy. Every day more and more types appear in huge numbers, so it becomes more difficult to check all of them. Therefore, it leads to great customers’ disappointment and lost plays. It mostly happens because many gamblers cannot detect enough good ones since they do not know the main criteria, which will help in this process. However, you are lucky; as we are here to provide you with the point, you should pay attention to and choose the best of them. Thus, if you are ready, you are about to start with the three main aspects:

  • Bonus;
  • RTP;
  • Reviews.


As a rule, once you enter any game, you see exactly the note, where you are informed about a welcome bonus, which you can get if you only claim. Therefore, you have to create your account and you are ready to obtain the offer. However, even if it is fair and generous enough, you should not be happy at once since there is a possibility that these funds will not be paid to you at all, but we will talk about it later. In addition to the welcome one, there are such ones as no deposit, deposit, cashback, and other bonuses, which can satisfy your wishes. Of course, you will not find ones which can completely cover your requirements, but at least you can try. 


This is a rather important point, and you will read why it is so. In a few words, RTP is a Return to Player percentage. The main goal of it is to give some funds back to customers for some made spins when they are engrossing themselves in online casino games. If you do not know how to value them, there is nothing difficult since the higher the better. Mostly it is more popular among slots. Indeed, they have the best RTP, which can reach even 99% in some cases, such as Mega Joker. If you do not understand how it works, read the next. For example, the RTP is 97%, which means that you will get $97 for every $100 you put in it. However, in some cases, with 97% RTP, you can get 97%of all the money you have. Thus, you should not neglect it. 


You should look through rules, terms, and conditions. It is perfect if you do it all in advance and you know perfectly what you are going to encounter while gambling. However, how can you be sure that these descriptions are reliable and trustworthy? That is why you should pay additional attention to reviews. Even more, not usual reviews, but from real gamblers, who tested the game themselves, so can tell the truth about it. It is a crucial step since players have no use in telling lies about the entertainment. There are many of them on the Internet, so you will have no problems finding decent ones. 

Tips On How to Play Casino Games Online 

There are many different features of playing casino games; however, some of them are more important than others are. Even if you know some general information, it does not mean that you are completely ready to gamble. As you know, there are loads of different entertainment types, such as Blackjack, Keno, or Roulette. As all of them have required different skills and experience, you should know that in advance. Therefore, if your purpose is responsible gaming, you can always try to use the tips from our list, which we prepared even for beginners. Here are the main rules for the best casino games:

  1. do not bet a lot;
  2. gamble what you know;

look for the best conditions.

Don’t Bet More Than 5% of Your Total Bankroll At Once

Therefore, here we come to the first piece of advice we want to give you. We are not going to repeat the usual ones, which you can see on numerous sites. You may know that it is better to find reliable and safe methods for payouts, do not forget to check the game selection and apps, and a convenient screen with adorable graphics. Instead of them, you will get some tips, which will lead you to win. Thus, for the first, you have to remember to bet less than 5% of your overall bankroll. Even though sports betting is a great way to increase funds, do not engross yourself too much in it. If you lose, you will not spend that much money on it. Even with the minimum bet, you can obtain decent winnings. 

Don’t Chase Losses

Therefore, if you follow our advice and put a little as a bet, you still have a high chance to win. However, let’s imagine that you lose. You cannot win everything and everywhere, so one day you will encounter this situation. Thus, you have to be ready for it and do not chase your losses. The point is that some gambler stays so focused on this failure, which makes it impossible to continue playing. In that case, you have to just relax and keep in mind that you will succeed the next time. No one can restrict themselves from doing another try, so use this opportunity to get more prices.

Play What You Know

As we have a closer look at the first two tips from us, here we come to the third and crucial one. You know that there are numerous types of games in the entire entertainment industry in India nowadays. That means that you cannot know all of them and the strategy of them. Some of the rules you will meet in games may look odd and even impossible to fulfill. Do you know what that means? If you gamble for real money without any idea what you are supposed to do, you are risking getting in trouble since you break some rules. In addition to this, you also can miss many opportunities to get more winnings only because you do not know the gameplay. That is why we assure you to read the terms and conditions of a game before you want to try it. 

Hunt for Games with Player-Friendly Rules

Since you are checking the rules, we recommend you pay additional attention to one thing. The fact of the matter is that the game you want to choose has to provide every customer with an appropriate level of safety, trustworthiness, and convenience. Otherwise, it is not a good idea even to try it. That is why you should look for a facility, which has a great client-friendly rule. In other cases, you are risking losing your winnings completely. The process of checking will not take much time, but you will be sure to play a game. 

Casino Game Bonuses

As you may know, after you register at the casino, the first thing you can see is a bonus. Indeed, once you enter, you are given an enormously large array of different offers and promotions. There are numerous types, and each of them has its features and rules of getting. Do you know what they are? Then keep reading this article to learn all about them.  

  • Even though you know that you can see bonuses in the first step, you may wonder what it is. At the very beginning, you can get a welcome bonus, if you only complete all the rules. In general, this offer is a bonus, which can provide you with some sums of Rupees and free spins before you start gambling. It is a great chance to earn some properties for further playing and increase the chances of winning. However, you have to keep in mind that sometimes there are some timeframes, so make sure you do not miss your offer. The biggest advantage is that you can divide it for a few first deposits, so even the large ones can give you more. Nevertheless, remember that there is one rule to pay out this bonus money. You have to complete wagering requirements, which can be high. 
  • As for the second bonus, we can recommend a no-deposit one. As you can understand from the name, the main goal is to avoid deposits. As a rule, you are required to put some sums to proceed with further gambling. The point is that these sums may be rather high for an average player; that is why they claim a no deposit bonus. This one lets you try the game and get used to it without spending your money on it. In general, it is a great chance to test entertainment and even earn some funds for other games. 
  • After all, when it comes to depositing, you may claim a cashback bonus. The main purpose is to set some percentage on all your payments, thus you can get some funds back even if you do not win. 

As you see, there are loads of offers, so choose whichever you want. 

Real Money vs Free Games

As you may know, in the entertainment area there are loads of numerous games, which have their features and rules. However, there are two big groups, where you can put each type. As a rule, all facilities are divided into free and real money ones. As you can understand from the names, for the first you do not need to pay at all, as for the second it is obligatory. However, these are not all the differences between them. That is why if you are not sure about the best choice for you, read this article, where we will explain everything. Therefore, the biggest advantage of real money games is the opportunity to win real funds as a prize. You also can claim all the bonuses effortlessly and without any delays. Thus, you gamble the usual play and do not sacrifice anything. However, there is one disadvantage of them. The point is that you still have to pay your money to obtain winnings. It is not so good if you are testing the game for the first time and are not sure you are doing well. In that case, we recommend you select free offers. As you can see, the main idea is to let you gamble without previous payment. It is the right choice for that person, who is a newcomer and is going to get some skills and experience. However, you cannot claim all the bonuses and get winning funds many times. 

For your help, here is a small table, where we will compare these options.

Free GamesReal Money Games
As you understand from the name, you can gamble without any deposits. In the case of real money games, it is mandatory to deposit a bit to proceed with playing. 
Since there are no initial deposits, you cannot claim all the available bonuses. Once you put in some funds, you are free to claim all the bonuses if you complete the requirements. 
You cannot get some big winnings. You can win big cash prizes. 
In the demo version, you are not offered to try all games. In the demo version, you are free to gamble the same games as in the usual version. 

Pros and Cons of Playing 

Since you read everything about online casino games in India, it is time to learn more precisely all the pros and cons of gambling in these establishments. As you may know, it is better to be aware of everything you are going to meet if you want not to get into trouble. Therefore, right now you will get a list of the main aspects, which can make you choose them. We are about to start with advantages. 

  • Even though there are many players, which cannot afford to gamble and spend much money, this industry is gradually you wonder why it is happening so? The matter of fact is that all the software providers found the solution. The main idea is that prices of gaming in India are noticeably lower than in other countries. Therefore, customers still can try their luck and play. 
  • With the development of technologies in the world, in India, they are increasing too. Thus, this leads to one certain conclusion. Among Indian customers, the most popular way of gambling is a mobile version. It is rather convenient since you do not need to stay at home near your computer. That is why the number of players boosted up in the last few years, so it is a great sign that it will be as common as in other countries. 
  • Many offices, such as Microsoft and Disney, are present in India, so you can access them effortlessly. 

However, you also need to know some cons of gambling in casino games in India. If you are ready, it is time to start.

  • As we mentioned, there are loads of people, who cannot afford to spend money on Internet games. Even though software providers do their best to solve this problem, it still exists. Although the minimum deposit is extremely low, some customers refuse to play at all. 
  • As it was mentioned earlier, there are many clients who prefer mobile games to table ones. However, there is one problem with it too. In any case, there are still many areas, which have a rather low internet connection, which leads to decreasing the players’ number.
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