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Top Online Casino Sites that Accept Bitcoin Deposits

Top Online Casino Sites that Accept Bitcoin Deposits

The payment methods accepted in casinos are becoming more and more varied, and an example of this is the one we will see in this article, the Bitcoin Casino. Next, we will explain to you in the simplest possible way how to use the most important and popular cryptocurrency in the world to enjoy your favorite bitcoin games.

Online crypto casino sites are becoming more and more popular all across the world, including India. These platforms support a variety of payment options, and Bitcoin casinos have also become a popular alternative. In addition to the ability to enjoy instant transactions and less stringent limitations, using cryptocurrencies allows gamers to preserve their private data and maintain their anonymity. These are the reasons that cryptocurrency casinos have grown in popularity in India and around the world. Don’t be concerned about securing your sensitive data; online casinos that accept Bitcoins and other tokens will keep your identity hidden.

Keep reading this review. We will dwell on the specifics of choosing a reliable crypto platform for bitcoin gambling sites and provide you with a list of the best Bitcoin casinos in India that you can safely bet on.

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Is an Online Casino with Bitcoin Attractive?

If you are looking for a method with which you can deposit at an online casino and thus have money for your bets, let us tell you about Bitcoin, one of the most important options worldwide.

What service does Bitcoin offer?

Bitcoin is a payment method known as cryptocurrency. To explain it in the most basic way possible, it is a currency not regulated by any government that works through an open-source system. The service offered by Bitcoin (BTC) is to deposit the currency of your country (in this case, Indian rupees) to buy the cryptocurrency, which you will keep secured in a virtual wallet and then use to pay for online services, such as online casinos.

Some of the features of Bitcoin are:

  • Its value can change rapidly due to its volatility, and there are a limited number of coins in circulation.
  • Being available all over the world, there are many players who decide to use these cryptocurrencies to make a deposit and play in a casino.

How does Bitcoin work?

First of all, you need to go to a website that allows you to buy Bitcoins using your local currency; these can be investment portals or exchanges dedicated to cryptocurrencies. What matters is that they are safe.

Once you’re there, the process is pretty much as follows:

  • You must get a virtual wallet and buy the amount of Bitcoin you want.
  • Store this amount in your wallet, and use that money to pay for online services.

Once this is done, you can do the same but reverse to withdraw the winnings in the casino; it’s up to you if you want to keep them in Bitcoins, another cryptocurrency or if you prefer to convert them to your country’s currency.

How To Use Online Casinos That Accept Bitcoin?

As with the rest of the payment methods, it is not enough to have the funds in your account; you must also know how to transfer them from your crypto wallet into the casinos to receive your bonuses and have the opportunity to win.

After you have registered at a casino, you will only have to make a deposit to be able to start making bets; with this Bitcoin method, you can do it in just seconds.

The steps to use Bitcoin in casinos are:

  • Go to the casino banking section.
  • Select Bitcoin as the payment method.
  • Decide on the amount of money to deposit.
  • Select OK and wait for it to complete.

Remember that some casinos might have different steps; after all, cryptocurrencies are methods like no other, so you should pay attention to the whole process.

A tip: if the casino has a welcome 100 bonus (or other deposit bonuses), make sure that these are compatible with cryptocurrency, so you will not miss the opportunity to take advantage of playing slots, poker, or roulette, for example, with casino deposit bonus money.


Regarding security in online casinos, there is no more critical issue than payment methods; this is where Bitcoin surpasses the rest of the available options.

Being open-source and stored in encrypted virtual wallets, it is almost impossible for someone to steal your money. In addition, when depositing at a casino, your personal and banking information will not be visible to any third party.

Obviously, security also depends on your actions, so you should always be careful when saving your passwords and making any transactions.

Before you rush to register at online casinos that accept Bitcoin, let us mention the advantages of this wonderful method and the disadvantages you will have to endure.


Whether you use them in an online casino or a sportsbook, the advantages of using Bitcoin are:

  • They usually offer you some free bonus just for using the cryptocurrency, including up to  300 free spins.
  • It is one of the safest payment methods worldwide.
  • Transactions are generally made instantly or within 24 hours, and you can buy BTC with Indian rupees.
  • Forget about paying high commissions inside the casino.


Just as they have advantages, a Bitcoin Casino site also suffers from some disadvantages that can be very negative for certain users; these are:

  • The process by which BTC works can be complicated, and most casinos do not accept Bitcoins for transactions.
  • You have no control over the value of the currency you own.

Now that you know all this about Bitcoins, you will already be prepared to use it in the casino that you like the most; do not forget to check the reviews we have prepared for you, and there we will give you more information.

Meet the Best Bitcoin Casinos Of 2022

If you are eager to use your Bitcoins in casino games such as slots, live poker, and roulette but don’t know which platforms will accept them, then don’t stop reading because this is the right article for you.

We have created a list of some of the Bitcoin casinos available in India; just choose one of them, make your deposit and play on their website as many times as you want.

These are the casinos to play with Bitcoin (BTC):

Bitstarz Casino.

One of the pleasures of keeping our list of the best casinos in India updated is that we have the opportunity to present you with platforms that you have surely never heard of. In this opportunity, we are going to tell you about Bitstarz, an operator with a lot of experience that has just arrived in our country.

The online casino industry continues to expand all over the world due to the interest of players. For this reason, it should not surprise you that Bitstarz is a platform initially launched in Malta and holds a Curacao gaming license also.

It started operating in 2014, so we are talking about a site with just under ten years of experience. Today, they offer their services in India through this page: https://www.bitstarz.com/, which offers translations into various languages.

The Bitstarz platform has a very modern design that looks like other well-known online casinos. In this, you can find a section dedicated to bitcoin games, as well as another for live casino games.

The online casino is controlled by Dama N.V, a company registered in Curacao, and we can confirm that Bitstarz Casino has more than two thousand games of chance, and we count them by hand! This is one of the most extensive catalogs we have ever tested in our history.

However, what amazed us was the variety of options:

  • Slot machines.
  • Video poker.
  • Baccarat.
  • Sic Bo.
  • Poker.
  • Bingo.
  • Keno.
  • Craps.
  • Roulette.
  • Blackjack.
  • Scratch cards.

To give you an idea, if you are looking for roulette games at Bitstarz Casino, you will find 50 different tables. Do you prefer Baccarat? No problem, they have more than 50 alternatives for you. We are pleased to announce that the payment methods accepted by Bitstarz Casino in India are very well known and secure. The list is extensive, so feel free to explore it yourself.

This is one of the few casinos in India that accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Tether, and Litecoin. Remember that these prices are very volatile, affecting your payments.

In addition to cryptocurrencies, other payment methods available on Bitstarz are:

  • MasterCard.
  • VISA.
  • ecoPayz.
  • Skrill.

You must log in to the casino and click on the “Deposit” option to make a deposit. Then, choose any accepted payment methods and enter the necessary information. 

Follow the same steps to make a withdrawal at Bitstarz. Remember that the maximum you could withdraw monthly is 10BTC per transaction; however, if you have huge winnings, the money can be paid monthly until fully paid out. That’s right! This casino accepts bitcoin and multiple currencies and does not charge commissions.

If you withdraw your money using a VISA or MasterCard, you may have to wait up to 7 business days. In contrast, cryptocurrency withdrawals are processed instantly, compared to only 12 for e-wallets.

Unlike other casinos that block your withdrawals until you’ve verified your identity, Bitstarz is a bitcoin casino and won’t put you through all that unless it’s necessary; we think this is excellent, as it prevents misunderstandings.

mBit Casino.

Even though mBit Casino has been available since 2014, it was not until very recently that they launched mBit India. This platform has everything you could need to have fun, as they combine games and betting perfectly.

This operator is managed by the company Direx NV Casinos, which, for its part, operates lots of popular online casinos. These are responsible for handling more casino and sports betting platforms.

The page is available in English, but they also have versions in French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, and other languages. Their social networks present publications in several of them.

What Games Does mBit Casino Offer?

Perhaps the strongest point of mBit casino is that they have a selection of more than 3,000 games of chance. Undoubtedly, it is among the market operators with the most extraordinary diversity.

mBit casino games include:

  • Scratch cards.
  • Caribbean Poker.
  • Slot machines.
  • Video poker.
  • Blackjack.
  • Baccarat.
  • Roulette.
  • Bingo.
  • Sic Bo.
  • Keno.
  • Craps, and much more!

Each type of game has several versions so you can have fun. The best example is roulette, as they offer you the American and French variants. Don’t know where to start having fun? Take advantage of the fact that the operator has divided its entire catalog into several categories. In this way, for example, you will find all those with a jackpot with just one click.

If you like a game, click on the little star in front of you. In this way, you will indicate it as one of your favorites and have access to it in a few seconds whenever you want.

Accepted Payment Methods

Ready to bet on your favorite game? Then you should make your first deposit with Wazamba payment methods! Luckily, you have a great selection of options, including MasterCard, VISA, Neteller, MuchBetter, Skrill, AstroPay, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, or Tether.

As you can see, the information they have on their website indicates that payments are processed instantly. However, we have to say that withdrawals could take several business days, depending on certain factors.

For example, if you have not completed the identity validation process, your withdrawal cannot be processed, and you will have to wait.

The smallest transaction you could make is (deposits and withdrawals), while the maximum depends on the chosen method. All users can use cryptocurrencies to make their transactions. However, some methods are only compatible with currencies, such as dollars and euros.

To make a deposit or a withdrawal, go to the banking section and follow the steps on your screen. The whole process should take no more than a couple of minutes.

Here are some other reputable bitcoin online casinos:

  • 7bit casino.
  • Cloudbet.

Pay attention to the promotions sections of these sites, as they may offer you some free bonus for using cryptocurrency to incentivize its use among players.

How do we choose them?

If you are wondering how we choose which Bitcoin Casino site is on that list, you should know that we analyze each website objectively to ensure they are the best in India and in their league.

Some of the aspects we reviewed are:

  • The level of security.
  • Terms and conditions.
  • Payment options offered to customers
  • Customer service.

Of course, we also check that they offer you the best bitcoin games and bonuses; we are looking for a mixture of very safe and entertaining platforms, so you can be sure that they will have what you are looking for.

In order to compile this list of the best Bitcoin casinos, our team of professionals has played at each of the casinos on their own, in addition to researching a wide variety of user reviews and opinions available on the internet. We are aware that including a platform on the list denotes that we endorse using that platform. In addition, we place a high value on our reputation. The following is a condensed summary of the stages that our specialized team goes through when evaluating different crypto casino sites:

  • Examine the findings of the search: Our professionals begin their hunt for online casinos, just like anyone else would, by using a search engine. We type in queries relating to cryptocurrency websites and then examine the results that are returned by the search engine. In light of the findings, a selection of approximately a dozen websites is narrowed down.
  • An in-depth analysis of the feedback and criticism received: Next, we are interested in learning more about the experiences of other gamers. Because of their extensive prior expertise, the experts we employ are able to differentiate between genuine and fabricated evaluations; this is an essential ability when coming to a decision regarding the chosen platforms.
  • Sign up, make a deposit, and start playing: Our team members will sign you up for accounts at the best online casinos. The actions that follow are very similar to those that are required of all players who make a BTC deposit, claim their welcome bonuses, and play. As a consequence of this, we are able to say with absolute certainty that the platforms we offer to you will not let you down.

We would also like to bring to your attention the fact that we are currently revising our rankings because the video game industry does not remain static. On some platforms, new Bitcoin casinos are launched on a regular basis, and these platforms also add Bitcoin to their list of accepted payment methods. As a result, it is critical to maintain a high level of awareness.

One last piece of advice is provided below. Do not read reviews written more than a year or two ago if you are interested in playing at a Bitcoin casino in 2022. This doesn’t make sense. When conducting research, it is imperative that you locate the most recent information available.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bitcoin Casino

What does a Bitcoin casino offer me?

A Bitcoin casino site offers you the opportunity to use one of the most important and innovative payment options in the world; in addition, some of them offer a free bonus for bets just for using the cryptocurrency, so you could enjoy advantages that users with credit cards, for example, do not have access to.

How are Bitcoins used in a casino?

The process starts before entering the casino since you need to have funds, so you will have to buy some to place them inside your wallet. Once this is done, the steps are straightforward since you just have to enter the website that catches your attention and choose the Bitcoins to deposit the amount you want.

What are the advantages of Bitcoins?

These cryptocurrencies are one of the safest ways to make your payments since all the information they handle is encrypted, so your money and personal information will be very safe. On the other hand, since it is not so common, many casinos give you free bonuses for your deposits made with cryptocurrency.

What are the disadvantages of Bitcoins?

First of all, it should be mentioned that simply having access to Bitcoins can be complicated for many players since the system is a little difficult to understand without someone to explain it to you; in addition to this, most platforms are still not going to accept a transaction made with BTC.

Are Bitcoin casinos safe?

Yes, they are among the safest in the whole world. Remember that this is an open-source and encrypted option, so it is challenging for anyone to access your money and, even less, your personal information. The only downside to this is that the value of Bitcoin is constantly changing, either for better or worse.

Is it legal to play at Indian casinos that accept Bitcoins?

It doesn’t matter if you will deposit BTC or fiat; the question of legality depends on the current legislation. In India, it is legal to gamble online, and you just have to ensure that the chosen casino is licensed and positively evaluated.

Is it possible to withdraw BTC from a casino account?

All details about withdrawals, processing speed, and cashing, should be stipulated directly on the gaming site. Bitcoin casinos allow players to withdraw their winnings in BTC if they have deposited their accounts with Bitcoins.

Are BTC casinos reliable?

Anonymity and confidentiality are the most prominent benefits of blockchain technologies. Online casinos that accept Bitcoins offer their players these advantages. So don’t worry about the protection of your personal data.

Conclusion about Bitcoin casinos

Online casinos are a fascinating way to relax and have fun. In India, this method is legal. In this case, the biggest challenge is finding the best platform that meets all your expectations in terms of the range of games available, the quality of the game, the reliability of the platform, and other criteria. Do not skip the evaluation and research steps of the different casinos if you are going to play for money (fiat) or cryptocurrencies. In this way, you will select a platform to your liking.

We are sure the BTC casinos mentioned above will satisfy you in 2022. Take your time to choose a platform and fascinatingly spend your Bitcoins.

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