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Top Online Casino Slot Games in India

Top Online Casino Slot Games in India

Surely you have already played slot games online and might have even found your favorite slot machine games. But that doesn’t mean that these slots also pay the highest winnings. Determining which slot machines give the best shot at winning can be challenging. In this post, we show some tips and tricks to find the best online slot games and have also made a list of games with exceptionally high payout percentages. Before we dive into the details, let’s answer the most burning question: which slot game offers the most winning? We compared the payout rates and came to a clear conclusion:

The winner is a relatively popular slot from the manufacturer Play’N Go: Book of Dead. The slot machine has an extremely high payout ratio of 97.75% and thus offers the highest chance of winning, at least in theory.

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Categories of Online Slot Games

With the popularity of online casinos, and advancement in technology, casino game providers now develop slot games in these categories:

  • Classic slot games
  • 3D video slot machines
  • Jackpot Slots
  • Fruit slot machines

If you want to play slot machine games online in the casino, you will now find a wide range of themes and a wide variety of gaming systems that support even mobile devices. The product range is constantly being updated with innovative new games Casino games expanded. While the first one lever slots were still made with three reels at the end of the 19th century, today’s slot machines are mostly developed with five or more reels.

For example, classic slots of various themes with a rather simple gameplay are very popular with players. NetEnt and Play’N Go are still among India’s most popular software manufacturers. In any case, most online slots in the classic sector come from renowned casino game developers.

There is also a group of fascinating 3D video slots with more complex game adventures and extra features. The latest software technology creates breathtaking 3D effects that generate additional excitement with a high entertainment factor.

For the nostalgic, on the other hand, the fruit slots with three or five reels, which will never go out of fashion, are offered in well-known and newly developed variants. Players who prefer to try their luck at casino games with a lucrative jackpot will get their money’s worth with a variety of progressive slot machines.

Top Paying Online Slot Games

Which slot machines pay the best? There are numerous slot game machines that promise a lot. There are quite a few other high-payout slots out there. In the overview, you can see the slot games with the highest RTP values ​​and, thus, the best chances of winning, but before that, we have to understand how high-paying slot games are reviewed:

RTP and house edge

Do you know what RTP exactly is? Indeed you have read it from time to time if you have read through the game instructions for some slots. RTP stands for Return to Player, the machine’s payout percentage. This quota provides information about how much of the paid-in bets is spent again as profit. So if you are looking for high payout slots, the RTP value is a good indicator.

But how did this payout ratio come about in the first place? Let’s go back to the land-based casinos, where staffing and operating costs must be covered. So for land-based casinos to stay operational, it is important that a certain percentage of your bets stay with the arcade.

This is also known as the house edge. In land-based casinos, it can be as high as 40%, while the best slot machines online should be between 1 and 4%. Conversely, this means that the RTP value is 60% offline and 96 to 99% in many online slot games.

Here is an example: You deposit $100 into a slot machine with an RTP value of 97%. At the end of your game, you should have made a bankroll of $97, and the arcade should have made a profit of $3.

Here are the five online slots with the highest payouts at a glance:

  • Book of Dead: 97,75% RTP
  • Dead or Alive: 97,72% RTP
  • Book of Aztec Select: 97,63% RTP
  • Starburst: 97,62% RTP
  • Mega Moolah: 97,44% RTP

By the way, the game with the highest chance of winning is blackjack. For some variants, the payout rate is well over 99%, and Baccarat and video poker have a house edge of over 98%. In comparison, even slots with an exceptionally high payout still perform relatively poorly. European roulette has a slightly lower RTP of 97.3%, but still higher than most online slots.

The list below shows the top online casino games sorted by chance of winning or house edge in comparison:

  • Blackjack RTP of over 99%
  • Baccarat RTP of over 98,72 %
  • Video Poker RTP of over 98,05 %
  • Online Slots RTP of over 97,75 % (Drops of Gold)
  • European roulette RTP of over 97,3 %
  • American roulette RTP of over 94,74 %

Now you’re probably wondering why you should play if you’re not making a profit and losing capital. However, we are still gambling here, meaning that the RTP works randomly or on variance, and the result of your winnings will always deviate from the standard.

You will be able to win smaller amounts in slots with a low variance but lose more in slots with a high variance. It is possible that your predecessors mainly wagered and lost and did not make any profits, and you get more out of the slot than you wagered on the game. Unfortunately, it can, of course, also work the other way around. But that’s exactly what makes gambling so thrilling, isn’t it?

However, for you to make profits in the long term, we recommend that you look at the RTP value of the best online slot games and select them according to this criterion. So, to be safe, you should ask: Which slot machines pay the best? High payout slots should offer at least a 96% RTP. Is the RTP even higher? That makes it even better!

High-volatility slot games

Which slots are the best? In addition to RTP and variance, there is another value that you can use: volatility. This value tells you how often the slot machine pays out winnings. The lower the volatility, the more often you can take profits. However, this also means that these are low. The less risk you take, the less you will be rewarded. So if you are looking for the thrill that comes over you when you have invested a lot to play for real money, you should look for slots online with high volatility. It all depends on what type of game you are in and what type of play you prefer.

Once you’ve played one slot game, you know everything else, and we can’t let that stand because this is where you will miss chances of high profits. Many prizes are hidden in additional functions such as special symbols, free spins, or bonus features. For this reason, we recommend you look at the rules of the slot machine beforehand.

However, slots with a high payout do not necessarily have to bring more profit through additional functions. Most of the time, these slots have a lower payout ratio than slot machines without many extra features. But since you have a higher chance of winning thanks to the bonuses and free spins, it balances out. The variance in these games is very high, with swings up and down.

Progressive Slot Jackpot

The question “when do slot machines give the best” can be answered in many ways. Here’s another tip: look out for slots with progressive jackpots.

A progressive jackpot is a jackpot to which a percentage of each bet is added. The winnings are constantly growing, and the best time to play slot machines of this type is when a large deposit has already been made. The need to deposit the desired bet amount is particularly important with progressive slots to win the maximum jackpot. Don’t play progressive jackpot slots if you don’t want to deposit the exact bet.

Number of reels and pay lines

What about the chances of winning if we look at the process in general? When is a slot machine best? When the reels indicate the desired combination of symbols leading to a win. But the reels are also based on a probability algorithm that determines the frequency of the winning combination. Again, the rule applies that the greater the amount to be paid out, the smaller the probability that the winning combination will appear.

The number of reels also plays a role. 3-reel slots, for example, are perfect for beginners who still need to risk large deposits but want to start making money. With 5-reel slots, the regularity of the payouts is higher because you have more extra features like bonus rounds and wild and scatter symbols that will bring you to victory. In the meantime, of course, there are slot machine games that work differently and have even more pay lines and ways to win. The software developers will probably never stop surprising us.

Which Online Slot Games are the best?

If you answer this question purely according to the payout ratio, Rainbow Riches – Drops of Gold, Miami Bonus Wheel, and Book of Aztec Select are among the best slot games. However, this value is a statistical one that says nothing about the outcome of individual rounds. Ultimately, when it comes to the best game, personal taste plays a decisive role. Some of the most popular slots among players are Book of Dead, Dead or Alive, and Starburst.

Book of Dead

Play’n GO’s Book of Dead is a classic. In structure and subject matter, it resembles the Book of Ra. No wonder this slot offers free spins. Egyptian symbols and the golden book are featured in the Book of Dead.

Dead or Alive

With Dead or Alive, NetEnt has released another popular slot, and this time it’s about the Wild West. The slot game offers three free spin features. The scatter skull and crossbones symbol is lucrative, and your bet can be multiplied by 2500 with 5 scatter symbols. The low betting limits make the game more interesting since you can only wager a maximum of $10 per spin.


One of the most well-known slot machines is Starburst, a slot machine par excellence. Due to its extraordinary popularity, it is frequently provided with free spins as part of a welcome package. Vibrant graphics and excellent audio ensure a fantastic gaming experience. Starburst was created by none other than NetEnt.

Narcos Slot

As its name suggests, this well-known slot is based on the acclaimed Netflix series of the same name. This game places you in Colombia in the 1980s, just like the series. Pablo Escobar is one of the primary characters, and they all serve as winning symbols. South American music is used throughout to create a realistic Narcos series atmosphere. The gorgeous graphics provide a nice break from the typical slot themes.

Eye of Horus

Software behemoth Merkur previously owned the Eye of Horus. But in 2017, the supplier vanished from the marketplace, and reel Time Gaming consequently re-released the game. The focus is once again on the well-known subject of ancient Egypt. Because you may choose the number of pay lines, this slot is excellent for beginners. Because of this, you can play the game perfectly without spending a lot of money upfront.

Mega Moolah

This humorously designed slot machine is based on the jungle environment. Here, the emphasis is on animal symbols. In this instance, the lion stands in for the wild while the monkey represents the disperse. You can even have your winnings doubled while receiving free spins. This well-liked slot machine was created by none other than the renowned developer Microgaming.

Ramses Book

Fans of Book of the Dead will recognize parallels. Ancient Egypt is the topic again here. The presentation, meanwhile, leans a little more fantastical and grim. The book symbol in Ramses’ Book also serves as a wild symbol. The bonus game is activated if it appears dispersed three times on the five reels.

Immortal Romance

Microgaming’s Immortal Romance, as its name suggests, is a dark love story. If you get the right combination of symbols, you can win big. In addition, this slot offers many bonus functions. Three or more golden lions activate the bonus round. With the bonus features, free spins and a 5x multiplier can be achieved.

Mega Fortune

You can even access three separate jackpots with this progressive slot from the famous developer NetEnt: Rapid, Major, and Mega.

Thematically, it’s a welcome change of pace because it’s about luxury and the world of the wealthy. The symbols, which include limousines, cigars, and expensive wristwatches, among other things, can also be used to determine this quickly. Since the champagne bottle is your scatter symbol, it helps you win the free spins round. They’ll be set off by 3 of them.

Fancy Fruits

Fancy Fruits is your top online casino slot if you want basic, minimalist slots. There are no unique features like Wild or Scatter symbols, and as a result, no bonus rounds either.

Nevertheless, this slot machine game is incredibly well-liked and isn’t among the top most-liked slot games for nothing. As the name implies, fruit symbols are highlighted, and the highest possible symbol is the number seven, also used as a symbol.

The best slots by popularity

Which slot game has the best chance of winning? Many players ask this question, and as you can see, there is no simple but very complex answer. Despite all the theories, you should never forget that slot machine payout percentages are statistical data to determine the possible odds of winning. However, these are only theoretical values ​​and are not necessarily reflected in reality. Ultimately, fun is the top priority.

According to general popularity, these are currently the top best slot games compared to their most important key data, such as manufacturer, payout ratio (RTP), stakes, and free spins. So many players can hardly be wrong. Why don’t you try them out right now?

  • Book of Dead
  • Book of Ra deluxe
  • Eye of Horus
  • Starburst

Safety on online slots

The best online slot games should also come from providers who understand the importance of setting yourself a limit and taking breaks from playing. It’s a fact that you can lose money without winning. For this reason, before you start playing, you should set an amount you will not increase. It is also helpful to take breaks in the game, during which you put a stop to yourself.

Reputable providers offer decent customer service. Here you can get help if you are struggling with a gambling addiction and need support. The slot machines are also safe there so you can pursue your hobby without any worries. Suppose the slot provider you are playing at has eCOGRA, iTech Labs, or GLI seals of approval, has a valid license like that of Malta, and uses encrypted money transfer technology. In that case, you can be assured that this online gambling site is safe. A provider is also trustworthy if they openly show the payout percentage between 90 and 100%.

Fun comes first

All of our advice will help you find a slot that will guarantee you high odds of winning. However, the slot that fits these criteria may not lift your spirits. Therefore, when deciding which slot game is best, you should be guided by the facts and, of course, by how much fun the game is for you because that’s what matters most.

As you can see, there are quite several high payout slots. You can tell from several different factors whether it is worth making deposits in a particular slot:

  • Look at the RTP value, the payout ratio, or the house edge.
  • Focus on the values ​​of variance and volatility.
  • Read the game rules to know the additional features.
  • Consider playing a progressive jackpot slot.
  • Gain gaming experience through the number of reels and pay lines.
  • Find a reputable provider with legal licenses, seals of approval, and support for gambling addiction.
  • Choose a slot machine that you enjoy.

If it is difficult for you to choose the best online slot games with all this information, which is why we made a list of slot games and top online casino games we have reviewed where you can make a winning in hopes that they help you as inspiration and wish you a lot of fun discovering them!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does RTP mean?

The abbreviation RTP stands for “Return to Player.” This value indicates how much of the deposited bets are paid out to the player as a percentage as a profit, i.e., how high the machine’s payout rate is. The higher the RTP value, the higher the chance of winning – at least in theory.

Which slot machine has the highest payout percentage?

With an RTP value of 97.75%, the Book of Dead slot has an above-average payout ratio and thus offers the best chance of winning, at least in theory. You can play it at Wildz.

Which slots have free spins most often?

A slot machine with a lot of free spins is Book of Dead. But other slot classics such as Eye of Horus or Vikings Go Berzerk also offer various opportunities to get hold of free spins and other special features.

There are top online Indian casino sites that specify precisely which online slot may be used for free spins. Often there are classics such as Book of Dead, Starburst, or Gonzo’s Quest. The slot games are attractive because they usually contribute 100% to the bonus wagering requirement. In card and table games, on the other hand, the value is much lower, sometimes even 0%. Slots are, therefore, the perfect games to convert deposit bonuses faster.

Which casino game has the highest chance of winning?

The popular card game Blackjack offers the best odds of winning. Some variants have a payout percentage of well over 99%. Baccarat and video poker also have a high chance of winning at more than 98%. In European roulette, the house edge is 97.3%.

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