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Top Online Casinos that Accept Mastercard

Top Online Casinos that Accept Mastercard

Mastercard Incorporated is a multinational company born in 1966 from the union of United California Bank, Wells Fargo, Crocker National Bank, and Bank of California, who formed the Interbank Card Association and created the Master Charge: The Interbank Card.

Two years after the founding of ICA, a strategic alliance was made with Eurocard and later with the Access card system of English origin, which facilitated and expanded intercontinental financial operations. Today, MasterCard is one of the world’s most well-known and used payment processors; it allows us to make deposit payments at online casinos faster and more securely. In addition, in some of the online casinos, you also have the possibility of withdrawing money with your MasterCard.

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Many new payment methods are born almost  every day. Electronic wallets, like  Neteller, are platforms that put us in direct contact with our online banking, like casinos with iDebit. However, the most widespread method is still to pay through a credit card such as Visa,  Maestro, or MasterCard.

Credit and debit cards are a common means of making online payments due to their immediacy and ease of use. But also that they are an established element in society, and users generally trust them. And don’t forget that you can still only pay by credit card on many websites.

Types of Mastercard Cards

As a MasterCard user, you can choose between credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, and gift cards, each with its advantages and designed for a different purpose. Below you can find the one that best suits your needs:

MasterCard Credit Card

The MasterCard credit card is a standard credit card offered by practically all banks worldwide. If this is your selected credit card, you should know that you can get one of the three available by brand: standard MasterCard, World MasterCard, and MasterCard World Elite. Although the last mentioned comes with its benefits, the MasterCard Elite has zero liability protection, extended warranty, and protection against identity theft and theft, making it very suitable for transferring funds to your online casino account. The terms and interest will depend on the financial institution that provides the card. This is the best option if you want to use it for online gambling.

MasterCard Debit Card

The MasterCard debit card is another type that is popular with Indian online casino players and is widely recognized and accepted, like the credit card. This card combines the comforts and advantages of MasterCard with the difference that you will not be allowed to have credit from the bank. Instead, the funds are taken directly from the money available in your bank account. Therefore, you will never receive a bill in which your bank tells you that you owe money, thus allowing you to control your finances safely.

MasterCard prepaid cards

MasterCard defines prepaid cards as the simplest and easiest way to pay. You can buy prepaid cards at your bank branch, shops, or online if you wish; however, you will likely need a personal ID and address. To start using it, you may need to activate and register it; therefore, we recommend you see its terms and conditions. The prepaid card is accepted in most online casinos since it usually has a debit card category. Therefore, when transferring funds, you will find that your amount will be deducted similarly. Once you run out of funds on a prepaid card, you can reload it into your system.

MasterCard Gift Cards

Gift cards come from third parties as gifts and work the same way as prepaid cards. Therefore, you can use them to bet at online casinos that accept MasterCard. 

How to use a MasterCard card?

MasterCard cards are a very secure payment system, possibly the safest if you know how to use them. However, they can cause many problems if you do not take a series of security measures. You must not forget that they are the payment system that suffers the most attacks, and the fact that it is the most used contributes to this statistic.

You can obtain a MasterCard card from your bank, which will be associated with your bank account. Depending on the intended use, there are several types of MasterCard cards:  MasterCard Standard, Platinum, Gold, and World Elite. Each card has well-differentiated characteristics. When paying at an online casino with a MasterCard, you must enter the card details: the card numbers, the expiration date, and the card verification number, better known as CVV.

Depending on the site where we are paying, the payment may be authorized directly, or you have to authorize the transaction with your online password or one-time password.

JackpotCity Casino

JackpotCity Casino is an online casino that has been in business since 1998 to offer a  wide range of games of chance. This casino has made the experience on its platform unique thanks to its software, among many other advantages.

JackpotCity Casino fans can find an exciting and varied range of slots, roulette, blackjack, and poker, among other games.

JackpotCity Casino has the Malta Gaming Authority gaming license, certifying it to operate legally in various countries, thus providing security for all its users.

This platform is available in several languages, for example, Chinese, English, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian + 9 more, and offers many of the most attractive games on the market.

Many of JackpotCity Casino’s games are developed by top providers such as Microgaming, Evolution, Real Time Gaming, Betsoft, or Rival, as well as working with their software, making it one of the best options to play.

You can also not lose sight of the tournaments they usually have on their platform, becoming one of the best options to play.

JackpotCity Casino has a $1600 welcome offer, broken down as follows:

  • First deposit: 100% bonus up to $400
  • Second deposit: 100% bonus up to $400
  • Third deposit: 100% bonus up to $400
  • Fourth deposit: 100% bonus up to $400

To obtain this bonus, you will simply have to register on the page, enter the “my rewards” section, choose the “Casino Welcome Bonus,” and make your first deposit, for which you will obtain 100% of the chosen amount.

To request a withdrawal at JackpotCity Casino, you must first meet the bonus conditions; this means that you must wager the bonus’s value plus the deposit’s value at least 70 times. JackpotCity Casino offers a range of games that competes very well with other online casinos. Still, its great success is due entirely to the fact that the company has developed its software and offers exclusive titles on its platform.

At JackpotCity Casino, it is possible to enjoy a wide variety of games, ranging from slots to popular table games such as roulette,  blackjack, and baccarat, as well as different types of video poker and bingo games.

In addition to its software, JackpotCity Casino has worked closely with well-known providers such as Betsoft, Rival, and Real Time Gaming, well-known brands in the gaming industry. Don’t forget that there are also tournaments you can compete in.

JackpotCity Casino has some of the most classic payment methods, for example, debit and credit cards such as Visa, American Express, and Mastercard, in addition to bank transfers that can be made from the mobile application of the bank in which the user has One account.

While JackpotCity Casino doesn’t have as many payment methods available, they do have other ways to deposit that are a bit newer than the traditional ones: Neteller, PayPal, AstroPay Card, iDebit, and Paysafecard.

Spin Casino 

Spin Casino is another good casino with Microgaming games available for Indian players. It belongs to The Palace Group and has been active since 2001 (and over a decade in this type of business is a sign of good performance). It operates under a license issued by the Maltese government.

Despite its name, it not only offers slot games, but its casino gaming catalog is equally remarkable and entertaining since it has a magnificent selection of games and a wide variety of payment options. You can play by downloading the software to your computer or your website (faster but missing out on the full graphics experience). It is also very interesting to visit their news section and see the luxurious trips they organize for their VIPs: Magnificent cruises to exotic corners of the world.

It is a casino certified by the eCogra entity, so the guarantees of reliability and security are more than proven (eCogra carries out independent audits) and has also always achieved good reviews in Gambling Online Magazine, which usually places it among the top 50 of the best online casinos.

The welcome bonus that Spin Casino  gives away is up to $1000, but it is not achieved with the first deposit but grows in three steps, with the first three deposits as follows:

  • 1st deposit: 100% bonus up to $400
  • 2nd deposit: 100% bonus up to $300
  • 3rd deposit: 100% bonus up to $200
  • 4th deposit: 100% bonus up to $100

At Spin Casino, you can play more than 450 games in its paid and free versions. And its longevity as an online business does not have to mean that we are talking about outdated games; quite the contrary, since they keep all aspects updated (graphics, sounds…) so that the experience is unbeatable. If you also like to test your skill, you can enjoy their multiplayer slots, Blackjack, Roulette, and Video Poker tournaments.

They have a lot of little machines, several blackjack games (about 30 varieties, no less), roulette, poker, and even scratch cards. We leave you a list of the main Spin Casino games :

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette: European Roulette, French Roulette, American Roulette, Progressive Roulette.
  • Others: slots, baccarat, online scratch cards, Keno, All Aces 99.92, Aces & Eights, Jacks or Better, Deuces & Joker, Deuces Wild Multi-Hand, Double Double Bonus, All American, Aces & Faces, Bonus Poker Deluxe, Bonus Deuces Wild, Double Joker, Tens or Better, Deuces Wild Single Hand.

Advantages of paying with Mastercard in Online Casinos

  • Fast: typically, we want the transfer to be done immediately
  • Security: thanks to its security mechanisms (MasterCard SecureCode), MasterCard cards are one of the best options for making deposits and withdrawals at online casinos.
  • Twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, you can use the card for transactions at any time.
  • MasterCard payments are available in many countries as it is known worldwide.
  • It does not require the opening of a virtual account
  • It is possible to set a spending limit per card
  • On that same card, you can withdraw the money when you win in a casino
  • It has security standards such as PCI DSS and SDP
  • Casinos do not charge a commission for depositing through this payment method.
  • No commission is charged for withdrawing money with it
  • Works in over 200 countries

Disadvantages of paying with Mastercard in Online Casinos

  • Credit spending: when you play, spend what you have; better said, spend the part of what you have.
  • Commission: practically all banking entities charge a commission.
  • The cards must be taken care of so as not to fall into the hands of strangers.
  • You must be careful with the data to avoid falling into phishing
  • Some online casinos do not allow the withdrawal of money with the MasterCard card; in that case, you will always have other options available such as bank transfers

Tips When Depositing With MasterCard

Many online casinos in India accept this bank card to make income or deposit money.

Payments with Mastercard cards are safe, although you need to keep in mind that they are not 100% infallible; as with all cards, you will have to be careful to avoid falling into phishing or other fraud, but the security offered by the company provides peace of mind to its users.

  • If you are going to deposit online, you should avoid using your information on computers with a public or open Wi-Fi connection.
  • If you are forced to use a computer with access to multiple users (internet cafe or office), make sure to do it in incognito browsing so that no trace of your account data is left behind.
  • Do not be suspicious if the online casino asks you for the CVV data of your card; with this, they ensure that the front data is not enough, in case someone has been able to see them.
  • It is important to note that Mastercard credit cards have a slightly higher commission than their debit subsidiary (from 2.19% to 3.99%), Maestro. However, these are charged directly to the establishments, so the customer should not worry.

There are some businesses in which the user is charged the percentage of commission; they do this in order not to give part of their money to financial companies; however, in casinos, there is no major problem; they do not charge any fee for the use of Mastercard.

What precautions should casino players take?

Just as many people are still reluctant to enter personal data online, there are others who pay by credit card on a regular basis and forget to take precautions. So let’s remember some basic security measures, which you can find, more extensively on the  official MasterCard website:

  • Where to use it?: It is advisable to buy or pay only on trusted websites and to be on official websites.
  • Secure connection:  we must ensure that we are connected to a secure network.
  • Email:  there is no direct relationship between email and the payment process, but it is worth remembering that we must never provide our card or bank account number through email.
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